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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Collection of Quotes

Don't mind me. My mind is still rolling even if my contacts are screaming for a bath. Here's a collection of quotes from John Aravosis, one of the many that received the Foley emails prior to the ABC broadcast on 09/28.

Note: I have removed most, if not all, of John's sillyness. Go to his site for the laughs. You gotta see the ads to get the laughs.
I had received the emails in July, as I already explained on this blog last Thursday, but I didn't think it was appropriate to publish allegations of pedophilia/child sex predation, even against a member of the other political party, until I had all the facts. Shortly after I received the emails, I found out that CREW had also received copies of the emails and had immediately passed them to the FBI.
Source: Americablog - 10/04/2006
The Co-Chair of the US House Missing and Exploited Children Caucus cannot be someone even under the appearance of possibly being a potential child sex offender (soliciting a minor is a crime). No one is saying Foley is a child sex offender, but his email exchange has raised understandable concerns in some minds. It's time to get to the bottom of this, for the sake of our children. It's time to waterboard GOP Rep. Mark Foley.
Source: Americablog - 09/29/2006
I expect to fill this post with a bunch of updates, so just consider this another work in progress.

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