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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Another Spoke Tightens in the Foley Wheel

Ken Silverstein writes over at Harper's that he was provided the initial 'overly friendly' emails by a source that put him "in touch with a Democratic operative". That creates another unknown source passing this information along. Add it to the list.

Silverstein goes on the offer his own opinion of the affair. He runs a couple of plays from the Democrats' playbook, but he's not moving the chains. Instead he's just operating in four down territory. He does connect for a first down though towards the end.
Among those who received information about the story but declined to pursue it were liberal outlets such as,, and The New Republic (The Hill, Roll Call, and Time magazine also had the Foley story, though I'm not certain when it came to their attention.)
The interesting thing is that Silverstein says there are others, but he names The founder(I believe), and editor, John Aravosis, operates John is Mike Rogers' former partner in outing homosexuals that work for Congressman that do not share 100% Aravosis/Rogers records on homosexual rights.

Silverstein received the emails in May. Harper's took a pass on the story and that is what prompted him to distribute the emails to other outlets. It's very interesting that papers that specifically cover activity on Capitol Hill(The Hill, Roll Call) didn't pursue this story. Clearly they would have good relationships on both sides of the aisle, with members of Congress, in addition to their staff members, yet they still didn't pursue it. Why not?

Still making contacts to answer these questions. More to come.

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