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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

YouTube User Banned

I picked up this story via Hotair. A YouTube user was suspended for the content of their videos. The user was uploading videos made by US soldiers. The staff at YouTube didn't like their content.

This wouldn't be all that interesting without another key detail. YouTube restricts content. They have many users that violate the terms of service. But does YouTube selectively enforce its policies?

Check out Crusader's blog to determine for yourself if YouTube permits Al Qaida recruitment videos, but bans users that upload videos from US Soldiers?

UPDATE: More people chiming in with their stories of YouTube removing their content with little explanation. Michelle Malkin's Mohammed cartoon collage has been pulled. Michelle also posts a comment from another YouTube user, Intelsum, with a similar story.

STILL MORE: You Tube has plucked another video they didn't like. This time it's one of Rusty's from My Pet Jawa.

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