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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Curious Timing

I'm following up on some links review for stories quoting CREW(Citizens for Ethics and Repsonsibility in Washington) and I came across a link via Google to a mobile version of the Center for American Progress's "Progress Report". The date is 09/28/2006. In that mobile report the editors blurb that CREW "launches a blog".

These are the headlines for the posts at the CREW blog for 09/28/2006.

8:41AM - 485: Number of documented White House/Abramoff team interactions
9:25AM - The Rove-Abramoff connection: much closer than previously revealed
11:11AM - CREW asks House Ethics Committee to investigate Rep. Mark Foley

At 6:39PM that same day, the editors post that the server is responding slowly due to an "extremely heavy load". After that, the editors go all Foley all the time.

Is it strange that that the CREW blog timeline begins 09/06/2006? Not really.
Is it strange that the the Progess Report doesn't even notice the blog of an organization they have linked to repeatedly over the past year until 09/28/2006? Not really.
Is it strange that on the morning the Foley story breaks, prior to airing, the Progress Report highlights the CREW blog with the misleading headline indicating it just launched?

I can't conclude much beyond the presence of curious timing. And that's the way it appears, for now.

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