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Monday, October 09, 2006

TPM Muckraker Running Ads for Tim Mahoney

Reading TPM Muckraker again this morning because Josh Marshall says so, I come across a new ad I had not previously seen on TPM Muckraker. Tim Mahoney is now featured in the TPM Muckraker blogads.

I'm reading the Muckraker to see what which parts of the Foley story they are choosing to grant attention, and there's Tim Mahoney staring back at me asking for money. He's dreamy, but I don't think he could dream about collecting cash from Muckraker readers as they're getting the dirt on Foley.

Foley's out of the race. He's resigned. But his name is stuck on the Florida Congressional District 16 ballot. The Republican is Joe Negron, but you have to check the box next to Mark Foley in order to vote for Negron. Does Mahoney even need blog ads?

Regardless, Mahoney is cashing in and I'm asking TPM Muckraker editors when they added Mahoney to their blog ads listing. I've got an early response, but it was awfully dodgy. I thought I was clear with my inital question so I rephrased to try and gain a more concise response.

Here's some imagery for your viewing pleasure. To quote my favorite left of center blogger, "more on this later".


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