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Friday, October 06, 2006

Drunken Soldiers Telling Tall Tales

Justin Rood corrected the record earlier today, so I'll see what kind of muck they're digging up over at TPM Muckraker.

Paul Kiel posts an AP story from a woman that claims she overheard US servicemen bragging about beating detainees at Gitmo. Paul doesn't link to the AP story, he quotes from it. Argh. I guess there are no links in Muckraking.

The TPM folks are just reporting this, but where's the commentary? Soldiers, at a bar, telling stories to tipsy women? Get me an attorney. It's affidavits and cocktails, and dreams?

I'll tell you something. The next time I am at a bar and the bar jock starts telling his story I am going to ask if there's a lawyer in the pub and demand we take the whole tale down in an affidavit. Honestly, everything utterred in a bar is true. Could we get a cautionary note from TPM that they still serve alcohol in bars?

Bad guys finish first, unless you're hitting on the uncomfortable sober gal.

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