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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Feminist Majority Celebrates Abortion

The Feminist Majority Foundation, through it's propaganda rag, Ms. Magazine, is publishing an issue this month that celebrates abortion and includes a petition signatures from over 5,000 women that are admitting they've had abortions.

The foundation is doing this as a swan song to its founding roots. They're trying to connect the woman of today with the woman of 1973.

I find this celebration rather strange. Does the foundation actually want abortions? Not even the poltical candidates they support want abortions. On the contrary, politicians want less abortion, even Senators Clinton and Boxer.

The cover story is easily rebutted by the self sacrifice of the great American people. 5,000 women are putting their names to an "I had an abortion" petition. Do you think I could make some calls to adoption clinics around the US and find couples willing and wanting to adopt 5,000 children?

I'm glad Ms. Magazine is running this issue. I hope as many media outlets as possible cover this story. The more people are exposed to the bottom feeders at Feminist Majority the better chance another baby has to be born. I pray for Feminist Majority.

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