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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Explain This

I'm reading Laura Rozen's piece in the American Prospect interviewing Mark Perry, co-director of "Conflicts Forum". Mr. Perry mentions that the other co-director of the forum is Alistair Crooke. That name rang a bell.

It did when I reviewed my reading list. Frontpage Magazine had a piece that discussed Alistair Crooke's, a former MI6 agent and security adviser to the EU's Middle East envoy, activities in the disputed territories. Crooke conducted a secret meeting with the now deceased Shiekh Ahmed Yassin, spiritual founder of Hamas.

How did we learn about this meeting?
The veil of secrecy was broken, however, when the Israel Defense Forces seized a transcript of the meeting in November 2002 at the compound of the Palestinian Authority's Preventive Security Service in Gaza.

Why would the PA be in possession of a transcript of a meeting between Hamas and the EU Envoy's security adviser? Another tie between the PA and Hamas is revealed.

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