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Thursday, April 20, 2006

LA Times Columnist's Blog Suspended

Today it was revealed that an LA Times columnist was using his own pseudonyms to defend his own writing. It's another low point for people that work for the mainstream media, yet act like children to defend their work.

The columnist is Michael Hiltzik. His pseudonym is Mikekoshi.

Patrick "Paterrico" Frey wrote about his accusation and conclusion early this morning where he laid out the evidene that Michael Hilztik is Mikekoshi.

Michael Hiltzik wrote about the accusation at the LA Times blog "Golden State".

Patrick Frey responded to Hiltzik later in the day.

Later, the LA Times suspended the "Golden State" blog for Hiltzik's LA Times' ethics violations.

The entire story is required reading. It is long and drawn out, but it presents very important details about using resouces on the Internet in order to create hype yourself. Michael Hiltzik repeatedly uses his own pseudonyms to pump his own arguments. It's like the Little Rascals only Hiltzik is every single rascal.

I look forward to announcements from the LA Times concerning the ethical violations of Michael Hiltzik.

Update: The blogswarm is likely to have begun. Captain Ed is up and running with his own commentary on the affair.

There's lots of quality comments at Captain's Quarters, Patterico's Pontifications and the Golden State blog.

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