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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

More Iraqi Files Translated

PJ Iraq Files: Document: ISGZ-2004-009247

The Army of Translators continues to produce through their valiant efforts to examine documents siezed from the previous Iraqi government to detail connections between Saddam's Iraq and bin Laden's Al Qaida.

The link above is to an english translation of a meeting between Iraq and bin Laden. This is how the Iraqis viewed UBL.
And because of his stands against the Saudi Royal family because of the foreign presence inside it, the Saudi authorities made a decision to withdraw his Saudi citizenship, and we moved toward The Comission from our side and through the following:

What more does this excerpt tell us than the Iraqis wanted to develop a relationship with UBL BECAUSE the Saudis were moving away from him. The report goes on to say that UBL is reluctant to be seen as an ally or puppet of Saddam which is easy to follow when citing the Sunni tradition. However, such hesitation is not a sign of an unwillingness, nor demand, to not seek further cooperation between Saddam and UBL.

As more translations are provided we'll examine the relationship further.